Welcome to Arcade Box

Arcade Box is the favourite arcade for locals and visitors alike, located in Noosaville, far away from the manic tourist hot spots. We host a range of pinball machines and arcade games and we now have some of the latest pinball machines on site such as Iron Maiden and KISS, with more to follow.
We have kept most games at retro prices so you only need $1 to play, and we do have cash-out facilities and change available onsite if you aren’t prepared.

As we are a community arcade we host machines which are privately owned by members of the community. The Arcade Box community arcade philosophy is that we want to share the fun of the old retro arcades and allow the owners to appreciate their machines financially also, you will also find some of the machines in the arcade will be available for purchase from the owners.

As well as the retro arcade experience we also offer many VR titles in the Oculus VR room, we have many games and experiences to choose from, currently we only cater for 1 person at any time so bookings are advised.
Head to Arcade Box at Unit 5 10 Venture Drive Noosaville or call on advance on 0428 151 230.
Open 7 days from 11am.

Here at Arcade Box we are passionate about retro arcade gaming and pinball, We repair and restore all types of machines so if you have an old gem sitting in a back room or shed somewhere you have come to the right place, not only are we in the business of restoration, maintenance and repairs but we also design and repair brand new modern classic arcade cabinets such as our ‘Classic Arcade Box’ which is our premium featured product, built right here.
We worked hard for 12 months to develop the perfect modern arcade machine, just the right size and height for everyone. A modern classic design available in any finish you might want, with all the classic games right at your fingertips. The authentic arcade feel using modern technology and a sleek stylish finish you won’t find anywhere else. This is is the Classic Arcade Box cabinet, the first modern classic arcade machine from Arcade Box.

Arcade Box Australia

WELCOME TO ARCADE BOX The only place in Noosa and perhaps the entire Sunshine Coast where you will find a great selection of classic and retro video games to play. We also have a great lineup of pinball machines, 2 player racing games and a dedicated VR r
Arcade Box Australia
Arcade Box Australia
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Arcade Box Australia
Arcade Box Australia
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Arcade Box Australia
Arcade Box Australia
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Classic Arcade Box Australian designed and made

All our games here at Arcade Box are coin operated, we maintain our own hardware so if there’s ever an issue we can quickly resolve it.
Not only will you find original classic arcade games, pinball machines and VR, we also sell, hire and site pinball, arcade machines and assorted amusement machines for your parties, home or business. Classic games using modern technology for reliability and worry free operation.
You have the option to have your machines on free play, token or coin operation for any situation.
Arcade Box Noosa, for classic arcade and Pinball.

We’ll put theĀ Classic Arcade Box machines in your shops, cafes, bars, clubs and other venues with no outlay at all, even better you will actually earn aĀ percentage of the income they generate, does it get better than that? They have a purposefully small footprint of 500mm x 600mm for unused areas of your floor, and they simply look great. You can control the volume easily and they are easy to move around with built-in 125mm nylon castorsĀ in back. You’ll bring added value to the premises, mates will remember the old days playing Street Fighter, parents and kids can interact together for good times and everyone can re-live the nostalgia of Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Galaga to name but a few – What are you waiting for? Ā Contact us now šŸ™‚