The Arcade Box

Originally we set out to build arcade machines, built to order for our customers or provided in a kit, here is Our Work. We still do this but now we have a new location with a big room where you can come and play with our toys!

You’re going to find original classic arcade machines like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Defender alongside modern classics such as Street Fighter, SEGA Rally and Daytona. But we’re not just limited to arcade machines because we have a great collection of 20 pinball machines too, Featuring AC/DC, Stargate, Shaq Attaq, Gogar, Firepower, Lethal Weapon 3, Playboy, The Rolling Stones, KISS, Metallica, Dr Who and Fish Tales to name a few. For the really adventurous we also have a VR room with dozens of amazing experiences (bookings are essential).

Everything in our arcade is for sale, unless it’s a permanent fixture, belongs to a customer and is on loan or in for repairs and maintenance. Sure we would love to have all our machines on free play but because these machines actually cost money to run and maintain we have them running on $1 coins.

Arcade Box VR Room is available for hire at hourly rates and can be booked for group sessions

On the bookings page we accept event and party bookings for private functions. You can hire out the entire venue for your own entertainment.

As a bonus, here is the Street Fighter 2 special moves list

Our huge VR library is growing all the time, please visit our VR page for the full list and more details.

How the Oculus Rift works

Imagine standing on the ledge of a 100-story building. Imagine looking down at the street below you. Imagine the tightening of your stomach and the sense of dread that you might, at any second, fall to your demise.

Now imagine taking one step forward.

You’re falling and the world is whipping before you. You’re petrified. But you also feel alive. The second right before you hit the ground is the worst – your brain is actually prepared for the moment by dumping adrenaline into your system as a mild painkiller.

But while all this is happening, you haven’t actually moved. You’ve been sitting in a chair in your own home, staring into a screen. Your biometrics have changed, but, geographically speaking, you’re exactly where you were 10 minutes ago.

This is what it’s like to use virtual reality, to get the experience of being somewhere else in a different time, a different place, sometimes as far as an alien world, all without ever leaving your home.

This product is the fruit of a four-year research project that launched on Kickstarter, made $2 million, then was purchased by one of the most powerful tech companies in the world, Facebook. The Oculus Rift shipping these days is the first commercially available unit – the fourth evolution of the headset that started back in 2012 with Developer Kit 1.

The latest iteration of the headset is significantly better than any of the previous development kits. It’s easier to setup thanks to an intuitive program that you’re prompted to download when you plug it in, and it takes less technical knowhow to install games and troubleshoot when things go awry.

Like other virtual reality headsets, the Oculus RIft has the arduous task of completely immersing you in a video game by producing two images simultaneously. It does this by hooking into the back of your graphics card’s HDMI port and using a camera to track your head movement. You can either sit or stand while wearing the headset, whichever you find more comfortable. The Rift includes 2 sensores and Touch Controllers enabling it for Room Scale VR out of the box.

Oculus has amazing plans for the Rift. It could very well be the next evolution of Facebook. We might one day hold meetings in virtual reality. I mean, it has a microphone built-in.

You might one day use it as a therapeutic tool, letting the hardware transport you to a beach where you can meditate. There are plans to use it as a gateway to music festivals, like South by Southwest and Coachella, as well as live concerts and sports games.

The consumer-ready Rift is a lovely piece of hardware. But it’s more than just a pretty headset: Oculus has built a whole ecosystem for its baby, from the sound of the built-in headphones to the games to the proprietary Touch Controllers.

As soon as you put on the Rift, you are transported to a whole new world. Touch Controllers, though limited in some ways, will bring the rest of your body along for the ride.