Welcome to Arcade Box Australia

Arcade machines bring the fun of the arcade right to your home or business, and no one does it better than Arcade Box Australia. Professionally cut using CNC machinery at our award winning partner location here on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, When your order is complete your Arcade Box arrives as a complete machine or flat-packed and ready-to-assemble as a DIY Arcade Machine, giving you the fun challenge of building and tailoring your own modern arcade machine. Delivery is available internationally, and all over Australia including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane. Our machines can be custom built from the ground up if you are looking for a unique design so we always have happy customers with the exact arcade machines that they are looking for, so be sure to ask if there are any changes or modifications that you’d like.

We make it easy!

Unlike some other Arcade Machine companies offering a DIY Arcade Machine – as do we, Arcade Box Australia takes all the guesswork and any other possible negative aspects out of the equation. We have done absolutely everything we can think of to make the DIY Arcade Machine dream become your reality without the nightmares you could encounter elsewhere. There’s nothing excluded or forgotten and the assembly is step-by-step. We have set options and a huge range of finishes all with set prices so you can forget about surprise expenses.

From a basic black or white finish to full colour graphics, we can do it all, you can pick any graphic design you want and we will will get it digitally printed on high quality vinyl and we will professionally apply it to your panels before shipping, either pre built or DIY flat pack. You can choose from classic coloured buttons or LED lit buttons, there are many options available.

The best part about it is the simplicity, well that’s not THE best part, that’s the end result, but the best part about our DIY Arcade Machine is the way you can easily get the machine of your dreams, delivered right to your door. Even with all the hard work done for you, and absolutely everything done for you we still are not the most expensive DIY Arcade Machine on the market, far from it – Arcade Box Australia has the very best value DIY Arcade Machine money can buy.

The old days!

Classic Arcade Box Australian designed and made

Upright cabinets are by far the most common. They are usually made of wood and metal, about six feet or two meters tall, with the control panel set perpendicular to the monitor at slightly above waist level. The monitor is housed inside the cabinet, at approximately eye level. The marquee is above it, and often overhangs it. Our Classic Arcade Box takes the best parts of all the machines, compacts it into a modern build using all new components and gives it a massive hit of style, you will love our unique machines, we have worked really hard to make sure you do.

We’ll put the Classic Arcade Box machines in your shops, cafes, bars, clubs and other venues with no outlay at all, even better you will actually earn a percentage of the income they generate, does it get better than that? They have a purposefully small footprint of 500mm x 600mm for unused areas of your floor, and they simply look great. You can control the volume easily and they are easy to move around with built-in 125mm nylon castors in back. You’ll bring added value to the premises, mates will remember the old days playing Street Fighter, parents and kids can interact together for good times and everyone can re-live the nostalgia of PAC-MAN, Space Invaders and Galaga to name but a few – What are you waiting for?  Contact us now 🙂