Arcade Box VR

VR PRICING INFORMATION. All Arcade Box OCULUS sessions are priced at $20.00 for a 30 minute session, All participants MUST be 12 years or older – No exceptions.

SINGLE TITLE SESSIONS. Arcade Box VR may promote or offer single title sessions, prices may vary or we may offer promotional discounts to non-members for single title accounts. You can come and play and save your favourite game (or games) for a special hourly rate.

In the interest of health and safety, Players session will pause automatically after 1 hour. Each player MUST take a 15 minute break after each hour.

A NOOSA FIRST. Be one of the first people in Noosa to experience Virtual Reality how it should be. This is not Google Cardboard.

BRING FRIENDS. Your friends can watch whatever you’re doing inside the virtual world while they wait for their turn. The experience is best shared.

EXPLORE NEW WORLDS. The Oculus Room Scale VR experience allows you to explore worlds in a way that’s never been possible before. Your movements are fully tracked in the virtual world, combined with the maximum usable space we offer in our specially designed play areas, you get the full experience, and nothing less.

EXTENSIVE SELECTION. We provide the largest library (ever growing) of games, simulations and experiences available for the Oculus VR platform. 

SALES. With over 20 Years experience in the IT and PC gaming industry we fully understand the requirements for the demanding hardware and software combinations of VR, We can build custom rigs for home use and set up VR in your home if you desire.

Robo Recall

Rated M

You used to push lead with a pencil, but now you’re pushing it with a gun. A recent barrage of defective, homicidal robots has created openings in RoboReady’s perpetually underfunded and suddenly swamped Recall Department. Thrown into the fray as a Recaller, you must rely on your wits, reflexes and a vast arsenal of weaponry to eliminate the robot uprising.

Tear apart your interactive robot foes and use them to fend off the enemy onslaught. Unlock, customize and test weapons before taking on advanced challenges that put your newfound skills to the test!


PlayStyle Polled Average Median Rushed Leisure
Main Story 2 2h 15m 2h 15m 2h 07m 2h 22m
Main + Extras 1 5h 5h 5h 5h
All PlayStyles 3 3h 10m 2h 30m 2h 25m 3h 55m